Our story

A small group of colonization in the seventies joined

to boost the performance of their
figs production.

In the early eighties, this group decided to create an Agrarian Transformation Company (ATC) with the aim of producing and transforming the figs, creating a wide range of products fit for human consumption (dry fig, floured fig…).

Many working positions were created, but only temporary, and the ATC activity was limited exclusively to the harvest, drying and making months.

This situation wasn’t good for the maintenance of the project, and workers weren’t comfortable because they usually had to have another job.

We needed a broader approach: we had the facilities, we had the partners. The only solution was founding a cooperative. And so Regadhigos was created in 1987.

We reinforce the production of the fig, our major product, but we also added some other products that our partners were producing. This way, a partner could produce figs and olives, and Regadhigos would sell them.

The number of partners was increasing, we reached more than 500, and we expanded our services and products:

-Regadhigos produces figs, corn, tomatoes and olives.

-We sell many products needed for the livestock and farming activity in our facilities.

-We have an administrative and financial consultant service to speed up the procedures with our partners.

-We have a network of salesmen who help to expand our products.

-We have created our brands: “La Tocona” and “Gold Fig” that highlight how exclusive are our figs, as well as its high quality.

-We employ over 300 people.

-The number of partners increase every year.

This demonstrate the effort and sacrifice that a handful of partners baptized as “REGADHIGOS”.


Figs, corn, tomato and olive.


We streamline any type of procedure.

Commercial Network

We expand all our products.


"La Tocona" and "Gold Fig"


The number increases every year.


+ 300 people

Our history is written every day

The best figs that you ever imagined

We have come far thanks to our work but we want to go further. Our objective is to make the spectacular flavor and majestic quality of figs from the land of Almoharín known in all possible corners.

  • 100% quality
  • sweeter than ever
  • Great source of nutrients
  • From the tree, directly to your table

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