In our store open to the public you can find:

In addition to our products, we also have different services that we make available to our partners. We try to offer complete and integrals solutions that facilitate the activity of our cooperative members. Continue reading to know all our services.

Regadhigos of Almoharín


Livestock and Farm Supplies

We offer solutions to both ranchers and farmers, individuals or wholesalers.

Phytosanitary Products

Today, they are an essential means in agriculture to avoid pests or diseases.

Animal Feed

The best prices on the market for feed. We offer everything your animals need.

Substrates and Various Plants

Different types of plants and substrates for their good growth are waiting for you at Regadhigos!


Services ofQuality

If you are interested in some of our services orif you want to start being a member of our Cooperative, don't doubt and contact us, we will advise you on everything you need and we will explain in detail how each of our services work.

We serve you from our offices

From there we solve all the doubts that our partners may have when carrying out their administrative procedures.