Regadhigos is located in Almoharín, Caceres province.

And specifically in the region of “La Tierra de Montánchez”, with an area of 98 km2 and just over 2500 habitants. 

It’s a privileged environment in terms of climate and natural wealth, in which agriculture, livestock, and nature are harmoniously combined. 

Their habitants have been succeeding one another generationally for 2500 years (date of dating of the remains found) living in this environment and preserving it to this day with the desire to improve it for the enjoyment of future generations.

In Almoharín, the people takes care of nature, and nature in gratitude provides him with sustenance, it’s a manifestation of an unalterable harmonious coexistence throughout the centuries.

Almoharín is known worldwide for being a benchmark in the production of figs (fruit of fruits)

We must highlight the diversity of flora and fauna that the Mediterranean forests that surround the town treasure. 

Almoharín is an ideal destination for lovers of rural tourism.


Alquerque de twelve of the hermitage of the Virgin of Sopetrán

Roman Bridge of the Arroyo del Coto

San Cristóbal's Mountains

La Hoya

El Salvador Parish Church

Hermitage of Our Lady of Sopetran

The Villa's Tower


The gastronomic offer of Almoharín is wide and healthy since it’s completely Mediterranean, we can highlights as traditional products of the locality the figs, tech, widl asparagus, cradillas, cardillos, pigs raised in the meadow, lamb… With which disehs are made as they are:

-Tomato soup with figs


-Gazpacho with pennyroyal

-Fried lamb

-Goat and sheep cheese

We cannot forget of our confectionery offer in oblivion, with repelaos and almond cheeses being a reference in confectionery in the region.