Regadhigos is located in Almoharín (Cáceres), more specifically in the region of “La Tierra de Montánchez”, in an area of 98 Km2 and slightly more than 2500 inhabitants.

The environment has excellent weather and natural resources and agriculture, stockbreeding and nature come together harmoniously.

People have been living for generations, living in this environment and preserving it for 2500 years (as some remains seem to indicate) in order to improve it for future generations.

In Almoharín, people take care of nature and nature provides sustenance in return as it has done over the centuries.

Almoharín is known worldwide for its figs production, and consider the fig as the king of fruits.

Almoharín is the perfect place for the rural tourism lovers because of its flora and fauna in the surroundings Mediterranean forests.


-Alquerque de doce de la ermita de la Virgen de Sopetrán

-Puente Romano del Arroyo del Coto

-Sierra de San Cristóbal

-La Hoya

-Iglesia Parroquial El Salvador

-Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Sopetrán

-La Torre de la Villa


Almoharín has a very wide and healthy food, completely Mediterranean. Some of the traditional products are the figs, the tenchs, asparaguses, “criadillas” (testicles of calves, lambs and some other animals), “cardillos” (Spanish oyster thistle), lamb, pigs raised in “dehesas”… With them, some of the most iconic foods of the area:

-Tomato and figs soup

– “Esparragada” (stew made out of vegetables)

-Pennyroyal Gazpacho

-Lamb “frite” (similar to a lamb stew)

-Goat and sheep cheese.

We cannot forget our pastries, such as the “repelaos” (similar to a sweet, almond bread) and the “almond cheeses”, very famous in the area.

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